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Qiu Deshu

150,000 - 250,000 RMB
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  • Qiu Deshu
  • Fissuring series
  • signed in QIU DESHU, DESHU in Chinese, and with two seals of the artist, framed
    executed circa 1990s
  • ink and colour on xuan paper and canvas


Private American Collection

Catalogue Note

Qiu Deshu is one of the early pioneers of abstraction and ink art recognized in a period of artists reclaiming tradition as their own and breaking new artistic ground. Born in Shanghai, Qiu Deshu cultivated the mentorship of the recognized ink painter Chen Jialing (b. 1937) (Lot 32) and they co-founded one of the first experimental art societies, CaoCao Shehui (Grass Society) as an independent artists group. During this period, Qiu cultivated a distinctive fissuring (liebian) painting collage style using tearing, rubbing, and carving techniques used on xuan paper. In the present work, the explosion of colour and dramatic fissuring reveal an image caught between figuration and abstraction.

The mere concept of abstraction in Qiu's works may seem commonplace in today's global era, and yet it was truly one of revolution in his time. It is ironic that when the CaoCao group's exhibition was denounced for its 'abstract tendencies' and Qiu was severely punished as the leader of the initiative, the following year the Museum of Fine Arts Boston sent a exhibition of American Art to be displayed at the Shanghai Art Museum, which included the abstract art of Jackson Pollack. Inspired by the Abstract Expressionist works, Qiu gained confidence in his own commitment to abstraction and ink art.