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A Qajar enamelled and gem-set portrait medallion of Muhammad Husayn Mirza Hishmat al-Dawlah, Persia, early 19th century

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  • Enamelled and gem-set
  • 4.6cm. height
    3.6cm. diam. 
featuring a portrait of prince Muhammad Husayn Mirza Hishmat al-Dawlah (d.1845-46 AD) with inscriptions, set within a fine gold frame mounted with rubies

Catalogue Note


‘Navvab Hishmat al-Dawlah Muhammad Husayn Mirza/ Work of … Shirazi
Muhammad Husayn Mirza Hishmat al-Dawlah was the eldest son of Muhammad ‘Ali Mirza Dawlat-shah and a grandson of Fath ’Ali Shah Qajar. He was appointed Governor of Kermanshah in 1821-2, and received the title Hishmat al-Dawlah after his victory over the Ottomans in 1822-3. He was among the eleven princes who rebelled after Fath’ali Shah’s death and were exiled and imprisoned in Aradabil in 1835 AD. He was later moved to Tabriz where he died in 1845-6 (M. Bamdad, Dictionary of National Biography of Iran, 1700-1960, vol. 3, pp. 375-6).