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Exercice de calligraphie monté sur une grande page d'album (Siyah Mashq), par Mir Emad al-Hassani, Iran, art safavide, fin du XVIème-début du XVIIème siècle

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  • par Mir Emad al-Hassani
  • encre, gouache et or sur papier
encre, gouache et or sur papier, texte persan en nasta'liq, inscrit dans diverses directions, en réserve sur un fond or décoré de rinceaux fleuris, larges marges en bleu profond, garnies de rinceaux dorés ponctués de rosettes et de pivoines

Catalogue Note

Another large album leaf with exactly the same borders, with a calligraphy by Nur al-Din Muhammad (17th century), is in the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York (no.25.68.5) ; our calligraphy is most propably from the same album than the latter page, probably mounted in India in the 18th century like the St. Petersburg album (see note to lot 47 in this sale). Mir Emad nasta’liq script was considered the apogee of this style and his work was collected assiduously (S.S. Blair, Islamic Calligraphy, Edinburgh University Press, 2006, p. 437). He is among the most famous nasta'liq calligraphers of the Safavid period, whose hand has since been a model for nasta'liq scribes. He was born in Qazvin, spent sometime in Tabriz, travelled to the Ottoman lands as far as Hijaz, visited Baghdad, Damascus and Aleppo and on his return settled in Isfahan, where he entered the court of Shah 'Abbas I. It is recorded that his fame and the Shah's particular fondness for Mir Emad caused jealousy among other calligraphers, especially his rival 'Ali Reza (see note to lot 43 in this sale), and resulted in the rumour that he was a Sunni and his murder by the order of the Shah in AH 1024/1615 AD. Karimzadeh, in his book on Mir Emad however, questions the above account and concludes that the widespread rumour of him being murdered by the order of the Shah was a propaganda by the Ottomans against the Shi'i rulers of Iran. For more information about the calligrapher, see : M. Bayani, Ahval va-Asar-e Khoshnevisan, vol.II, Teheran, 1988, pp. 518-38 and M.A. Karimzadeh Tabrizi, The Life of Mir 'Imad al-Hasani, London, 2001.