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Calligraphie "en micrographie" montée en page d'album, par Reza Quli Adib Shirazi (Mirza), Iran, art qajar, XIXème siècle

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  • par Reza Quli Adib Shirazi (Mirza)
  • encre, gouache et or sur papier, collée sur une page cartonnée
encre, gouache et or sur papier, collée sur une page cartonnée, texte en arabe, en large nasta'liq, lettres meublées de versets coraniques, en ghubari, l'ensemble sur fond or enluminé en polychromie

Catalogue Note

Text : Ilâhi Assir thalil Khâif laka Akhtha'u ; from a Munajat Name attributed to 'Ali ibn Abi Taleb.

Reza Quli Adib Shirazi died in 1912. The technique used here is called by Sheila Blair 'micrography'. The words written in the tiny ghubar (dust) script are used to spell out a larger phrase. Ghubar was used intially for messages being sent by pigeon post. By reading the inscription written in the larger script, the reader is said to have transmitted the hidden text in ghubar, written in the letters themselves. In this way, the writing enhanced the apotropaic nature of the texts (S.S. Blair, Islamic Calligraphy, Edinburgh University Press, 2006, p. 451-2 and N.F. Safwat, The Art of Pen, Azimuth Edition and Oxford Press, London, 1996, p. 184). For further information about the calligrapher, see : M. Bayani, Ahval va-Asar-e Khoshnevisan, vol.I, Tehran, 1988, p. 211.