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A Stone Figure of a Goddess, Neolithic, circa 6th Millennium B.C.

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  • A Stone Figure of a Goddess
  • Stone
  • Height 3 1/8 in. 7.9 cm.
of steatopygous form standing with her hands held on her hips, her elongated head with large grooved mouth, long narrow nose, incised lozenge-shaped eyes, and smooth cap-like hair.


Charles Gillet (1879-1972), Lausanne
collection of the late Marion Schuster, Lausanne (Sotheby’s, New York, December 7th, 2001, no. 142, illus.)

Catalogue Note

Cf. La Rime et la raison, Les collections Menil (Houston-New York), Paris, 1984, p. 303, no.6, and Idols: the Beginnings of Abstract Form, Ariadne Galleries, New York, 1989, p. 17, no. 1.