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An Egyptian Granite Bust of a Man, 20th Dynasty, 1190-1075 B.C., and later

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  • An Egyptian Granite Bust of a Man
  • Granite
wearing a belt, pleated sash, and striated and echeloned double wig, two names of Ramesses III carved on his chest, the back-slab with two columns of inscription in sunk relief, the bust perhaps reworked from a statue of the mid-18th Dynasty, the face reworked in modern times. 


Royal-Athena Galleries, New York, May 5th, 1970, possibly acquired from H. Khan Monif
acquired from the above by Henry Nilsson, Stockholm and St. Croix
acquired from the above by the current owner's parents


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Catalogue Note

The inscription translates: “May the King be gracious and give sacrifice to Amun-Re, King of the Gods, Lord of Heaven, Ruler of Thebes…, May the King be gracious and give sacrifice to Mut, Lady of Heaven and to Khonsu Neferhotep…”

A limestone statue of Kynebu and his wife in the Kestner Museum, Hannover (inv. no. 2945), shows a man wearing a similar pleated garment across his chest. Dated to the 18th Dynasty, it is now considered to have been reworked in the 20th Dynasty, when the pleated garment was added.