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A Large Bronze 'Central Asian and Buddhist Lion' Incense Burner and Cover Late Ming Dynasty

400,000 - 600,000 HKD
1,720,000 HKD
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the heavily cast body in the form of a Central Asiatic figure adorned in loose robes, holding his left hand in the air, the hollow sleeve providing an outlet for incense smoke, depicted seated on a large Buddhist lion, the figure rising to provide an oval opening to allow access to the interior of the lion’s body, the lion naturalistically cast with a proud ferocious expression and taut muscular body, the figure’s right hand on the back of a smaller Buddhist lion with an open mouth to allow the egress of smoke, the two mutually gazing at each other, with a third, smaller lion on his head, his boots showing beneath the folds of his robes, all seated upon a separate lion, with flames emerging from its flanks, turning its head to look at the figure on his back, with a collar and a dangling bell around its neck