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An Yixing Stoneware Slip-Decorated ‘Landscape’ Snuff Bottle Qing Dynasty, 18th / 19th Century

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  • 6.2 cm., 2 1/2  in.


Gerd Lester.


Chen Tao 2002, p. 24, no. 37

Moss et al., 1996-2009, vol. 6, no. 1449.

Catalogue Note

The bamboo introduces another range of subject matter for the Slip Master. Several of his bottles combine typical landscape scenes (featuring his signature seated figures and the haze of slip dots he uses to depict foliage, whether in the foreground or the distance) with either bamboo or other floral motifs (usually with rocks and an occasional flying butterfly or bat).

For other examples from the Slip Master, see the commentary to this bottle in Treasury 6.