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Gardar Eide Einarsson

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  • Gardar Eide Einarsson
  • The Devil's Butcher Shop; The New Mexico Prison Uprising
  • signed and dated 2013 on the reverse
  • oil on canvas
  • 200 by 130cm.; 78 3/4 by 51 1/4 in.

Catalogue Note

An increasingly peripatetic artist, Einarsson, born in Oslo, now splits his time between New York and Tokyo. Appropriative acts comprise the majority of his artistic practice. Through re-contextualisation, he endows adopted elements of cultural ephemera with a political charge, attempting to transform a battery of neutral art materials into signifiers of dissent. His sources are varied, ranging from book cover graphics, to institutional architecture, to mail-order catalogues, police instruction manuals and everyday objects. Rendered in the artist’s strict black-and-white palette, they all undergo a translation into his particular artistic vocabulary, becoming, in effect, his stolen intellectual properties. These works reflect identity-related tensions within the mass culture. However, it is not merely a question to consider these as proper works of art. Above all, thanks to an elaborate display, the artist encourages us to question what would be the status of a Post-Modern artwork as a critical and independent tool.

The Devil’s Butcher Shop; the New Mexico Prison Uprising, is a painting based on a book cover relating to one of the most violent prisoner riots within the American history. By using a graphic treatment, the artist reveals a purely abstract picture in complete opposition to reality. Thus, behind these typical modern abstract paintings, is hidden a reality more violent and largely offset by the artist.