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Glauber, Johann Rudolf

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  • Glauber, Johann Rudolf
  • Furni novi philosophici oder Beschreibung einer New-erfundenen Distillir-Kunst. Amsterdam: Joannes Jansonius, 1661
  • Paper
6 parts in one volume, 8vo (153 x 90mm.), 4 folding letterpress and woodcut plates, woodcut illustrations, contemporary vellum, one plate with small repair


Duveen p.258; Ferguson i, 324

Catalogue Note

Glauber's influential treatise on distilling furnaces was first published by Jansonius in Latin in 1651. As well as this German edition, it was quickly translated into French and English.

"Glauber gave the best account of his practical work in the Furni novi philosophici, a book written with a clarity and an honesty almost unprecendented in early chemistry. With it he established his reputation as a master of laboratory skills. He carefully described the materials and dimensions for the construction of the furnaces and gave instructions for the necessary accessory equipment: vitrified earthen vessels to withstand the increased temperatures, a large quantity of cupels and crucibles, improved condensing apparatus, and jars with mercury seals or ground glass stoppers to store corrosive and volatile liquids" (DSB, V, p.420).