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Agricola, Georgius

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  • AGRICOLA, Georgius
  • De re metallica libri XII. Basel: Emmanuel König, 1657
  • Paper
folio (318 x 192mm.), woodcut illustration on title-page, woodcut initials and illustrations, 2 woodcut plates, modern vellum in period style, occasional light browning, u3 torn and repaired, foredge of u4 repaired with some words in facsimile


VD17 3:309843V; cf. Norman 19-20 (first editions)

Catalogue Note

De re metallica was first published in 1556, but this edition also contains all Agricola's works, including De ortu et causis subterraneorum (see lot 68 for the first edition) and De natura fossilium, the first systematic treatise on mineralogy, both published in 1546, together with a glossary of Latin and German metallurgical terms. Agricola worked as a physician in the silver-mining town of Joachimsthal in northern Bohemia.