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Schnittke, Alfred

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  • Schnittke, Alfred
  • Autograph working manuscript of "Drei Gedichte von Viktor Schnittke" (Three poems by Viktor Schnittke)
  • paper
autograph draft of the complete work, scored for tenor and piano, notated in pencil on up to seven systems of varying sizes per page, mostly of three staves, with autograph title ("3 Gedichte von Viktor Schnittke"), comprising I. 'Wer Gedichte macht, ist ein einsamer Mann', II. 'Wenn er den feinsten Faden dehnt und dehnt' and III. 'Ich neige mich zum Bach', each movement dated at the end by the composer ("29.01.88...30.01.88...30.01.88"); page 3 of the manuscript being a rejected page from Schnittke's composing manuscript of his opera Historia von D. Johann Fausten (page 22, marked "S. 22"), notated in pencil on five three-stave systems and a single stave, 'Erstlich, daß Faustus verspirchst [sic] und schwörst', the vocal parts marked "M[ephostophiles]." and "F[austus]."

3 pages of music in all, 4to (c.31 x 23.6cm), 18-stave paper, central horizontal crease; together with: Schnittke, Viktor. Stimmen des Schweigens. Erzählungen und Gedichte, Moscow: Raduga-Verlag, 1992 (3)

Catalogue Note

A working manuscript of a complete work by Schnittke.

Schnittke's "Drei Gedichte" for tenor and piano, composed in 1988, ten years before his death, sets three poems by the composer's brother Viktor (d. 1994): 'Wer Gedichte macht, ist ein einsamer Mann'; 'Der Geiger'; and 'Dein Schweigen'. With their lucid textures and moving harmonies, the songs are among the most atmospheric by the composer.