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Fridolin, Stephan

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  • Fridolin, Stephan
  • Schatzbehalter der wahren Reichtümer des Heils. Nuremberg: Anton Koberger, 8 November 1491
  • Paper
Median folio (325 x 230mm.), 353 leaves (of 354, without final blank), a-z ab ac ad6 ae8 A-Z Aa-Gg6 Hh10, double column, 41 lines plus headline, gothic type, a few woodcut Hebrew letters, 2- to 7-line initial spaces (some initials supplied in red or blue, some with printed guides), red paraphs, initial-strokes and underlining, 96 full-page woodcut illustrations, those on ac4 and ad3 with early hand-colouring, nineteenth-century red morocco, gilt corner-pieces and clasps, a washed copy (affecting blue initials), a few marginal tears (some repaired), a1 repaired at foot, small wormhole in quire a, extremities rubbed, lacking both straps


"Bei Rosenthal, München, Cat LIX angezeigt zu M.1000. S. ii.IV.88, Dr Lehner", inscription on flyleaf


Goff S306; HC 14507; BMC ii 434; Bod-inc F-107; GW 10329; BSB-Ink F-263; Fairfax Murray, German 392; Schäfer 134; Schreiber 5202

Catalogue Note

A well-preserved copy, with the paper in good condition. The 91 unsigned woodblocks (5 are repeated) are attributed to Michael Wolgemuth and his stepson Wilhelm Pleydenwurff, who also collaborated with Koberger on his monumental Nuremberg Chronicle, where they are named in the colophon. These "are the first two important books with original illustrations published at Nuremberg, and with the exception of Breydenbach... the earliest books printed in Germany of which the woodcuts can be assigned with certainty to a known draughtsman" (Dodgson, I, p.241-2).