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Leaves from St. Augustine’s Sermons and Homilies on the Epistle of St. John, in Latin, from a monumental manuscript on vellum [Italy (probably Tuscany), mid-twelfth century]

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  • Vellum
6 vast leaves, each c.435mm. by 307mm., containing parts of Sermons LXIII and Homilies XIIII, XVIIII XX, XXVII, XXVIIII, double column, 44 lines written in an elegant and precise Romanesque bookhand, without biting curves, with a strong st-ligature and capitals within text often following Carolingian forms (see ‘M’ and ‘A’ in particular), small contemporary corrections in a hand with a broken ct-ligature (the ‘t’ leaning back, but not touching the ‘c’), a number of later notes showing use through thirteenth century at least, written space 310mm. by 210mm., titles and rubrics in red ornamental capitals, original prickings in margin preserved, some skin side of leaves slightly discoloured through grain pattern of hair follicles, vellum slightly cockled and small spots, else in excellent condition