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An Arma Christi prayer roll, in Dutch, illuminated manuscript on vellum [Northern Netherlands, late fifteenth or early sixteenth century (after 1492)]

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a roll, 940mm. by 172mm., 148 lines, written space 730mm. by 105mm., written in brown ink in a gothic hand, capitals stroked in red, rubrics in red, one- to 3-line initials in red or blue, one very large miniature with the bust-figure of Christ surrounded by the Arma Christi (two dice, a torch, pliers, the cross, a flagellum on top, a spear, the sponge on rod and three nails) emerging from a sarcophagus, wearing the crown of thorns and showing his stigmata, on a blue ground, in a gold frame with sprays of stylised flowers in orange with green leaves to the sides and the top, one large initial in blue formed of fleshy acanthus on a burnished gold ground with orange flowers in the corners, enclosing sprays of flowers drawn in red, one smaller initial in gold with red pen-flourishing and green infill, the text accompanied by borders on both sides, one section formed of naturalistic flowers, strawberries, a gold panel infilled with flowers and fleshy acanthus, all with gold bezants, the remaining sections made of sprays of stylised flowers, a section of leather sewn to the top of the scroll enclosing a metal bar at its end, vellum slightly cockled, miniature with some small cracks (some affecting the face of Christ), the large initial rubbed, kept in an early (perhaps seventeenth- or eighteenth-century) purple fabric case with dark green fabric and metal appliqués including a shield with a monogram, in a modern black leather case, enclosed a cutting from an early twentieth-century British book-dealer’s catalogue