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Leaves from Biblical manuscripts, in Latin, on vellum [twelfth to thirteenth century]

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  • Vellum
10 leaves and fragments: (a) bifolium from a gargantuan Atlantic Bible, each leaf 510mm. by 355mm., with Tobit 11:8-Judith 8:26, double column, 40 lines in brown ink in a professional rounded Romanesque bookhand, simple initials and running titles in red, some holes with significant losses to one column of first leaf, Italy, mid-twelfth century; (b) a fragment of a leaf from a large Bible, 357mm. by 205mm., with I Kings 26-28, remains of double column, 39 lines in a rounded Romanesque bookhand, cut away at top and down one side, Italy, mid-twelfth century; (c) substantial fragment from a Lectionary leaf, 400mm. by 315mm., upper corner torn away, remains of double column, 37 lines in an angular early gothic bookhand, capitals touched in red, probably France, thirteenth century; (d) 3 pieces from a Lectionary, with readings from Romans 14 and 16, each approximately 200-240mm. by 65-80mm., remains of 26 lines in a tall and angular Romanesque bookhand, probably France, mid-twelfth century; (e) 3 fragments from a Lectionary, the largest 305mm. by 440mm., with readings for feasts of SS. Cyriacus, Largus and Smaragdus (8 August), who died during the persecutions of Diocletian and were reportedly buried at the 7th milestone of the Via Ostiensis outside Rome, double column, 18 lines, capitals touched in red and simple pale red initials, much damaged from worm and with paper from binding adhered in places, Italy, first half of twelfth century; plus 3 small pieces from 2 liturgical manuscripts, each approximately 35-45mm. by 55-65mm., probably France, early twelfth century; all recovered from bindings and so with stains, small holes and damage to edges, overall fair condition