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Man Ray

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  • Man Ray
  • Mr. and Mrs. Woodman, 1970
  • (i) Wooden mannequins in a box bound in the form of a book, signed inside the box Man Ray and inscribed MR EA on the male mannequin. This example is the artist’s proof.

    (ii) 27 silver prints in a bound volume, each one stamped épreuve originale Man Ray on the reverse, the first signed Man Ray in blue pen, with a preface by the artist, published by Edition Unida, The Hague, 1970 in a limited edition of 65. This is no. V of XV examples reserved for the artist and his collaborators, signed Man Ray on the colophon.

  • Box containing the wooden mannequins: 30 by 22.8 cm, 10 ¾ by 9 in.
  • Volume containing the silver prints: 29.3 by 26.7 cm, 11 ½ by 10 ½ in.
Mr and Mrs Woodman, 1970

Number 5 of 9 deluxe copies with wooden mannequins in a separate box
color etching and aquatint
Anselmino 17
12 1/8"H x 10 1/8"W x 3"D

Estimate: €15,000 - 20,000


Schwarz, 1977, no. 290, p. 172
Objets de mon affection, 1983, no. 106, p. 153
Tokyo, 1990-91, vol. 2, p. 58

Catalogue Note

Mr. and Mrs. Woodman is a series of 27 photographs of wooden artist’s mannequins arranged in various sexual positions. The photographs were taken in Hollywood in 1947, and in 1970 the complete series of photographs was published in a limited edition of 65.

Man Ray frequently incorporated artist’s mannequins into paintings, photographs and his own objects. While wooden mannequin figures were widely used by artists for centuries to draw life studies, Man Ray, in true surrealist fashion, turned this tradition upside down and used the figures to create interactive and provocative scenes – his version of a ‘life study’. His humorous preface to the present volume observes that the figures he brought to life originated from the same tree: “Of course it is unnecessary to say that Mrs. and Mr. Woodman first met in the forest. After a century or so they were liberated from their trees or from the same tree where they might have already been united in pre-marital bliss.”