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Gem set and diamond box, Cartier, 1926

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  • Silver, gold, ebonite, enamel, mother-of-pearl, nephrite, jadeite, ruby, sapphire, diamond
The silver box of rectangular form and boat-shaped profile, set with hinged silver, gold and nephrite twin lids decorated with two circular laque burgauté Chinoiserie panels enhanced with rose diamonds and cabochon rubies, flanked by nephrite, jadeite, gold and diamond cylindrical finials, the sides each decorated with a brick pattern and applied with a jadeite, sapphire and ruby motif, supported by carved ebonite feet, measuring approximately 197 x 91 x 65mm, signed Cartier, numbered, French assay and maker's marks, later fitted case by Cartier.


Cf: Hans Nadelhoffer, Cartier, London, 1999, pg. 164.

Cf: Jader Barracca, Giampiero Negretti, Franco Nencini, Le Temps de Cartier, Milan, 1989, pg. 79 for a similar Chinoiserie scene.