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Aquamarine, natural pearl and diamond brooches, Georges Fouquet, 1908, later tiara fitting

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  • Georges Fouquet
  • aquamarine, pearl and diamond
Designed as five graduated floral motifs, each set with a cushion shaped aquamarine within a petalled border of circular-cut and rose diamonds and natural pearl accents, the pearls measuring from approximately 5.00 to 8.50mm, on a later tiara frame, five detachable brooch pins and a pair of earring fittings and two later fitted cases.


Cf: Marie-Noël de Gary, ed. A. Kenneth Snowman, 'Fouquet', The Master Jewelers, London, 1990, pgs. 166 and 171, for an illustration and discussion on the original tiara by Fouquet.

Cf: Charlotte Gere and Geoffrey C. Munn, Artists' Jewellery: Pre-Raphaelite to Arts and Crafts, London, 1989, pg. 219, colour plate 99 for an illustration of this tiara, with the later fitting.

Cf: ed. Marie-Noël de Gary, Les Fouquet: Bijoutiers & Joailliers à Paris 1860-1960, Paris, 1989, pg. 90 for an illustration of the original tiara.

Catalogue Note

The tiara with detachable brooches was originally designed by Georges Fouquet in 1908. An illustration of the original design is found in Marie-Noël de Gary's entry on Fouquet, in the book The Master Jewelers. She writes: "Georges particularly admired large stones and anything out of the ordinary... [he] had such a strong predilection for this blue stone that dealers dubbed him 'the father of the aquamarine...".