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Conrad, Joseph and Ford Madox Hueffer

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  • Contract signed by both, for the film rights to Romance
  • ink on paper
to Fiction Pictures Inc., New York, offering an advance of $500 and 50% of royalties in return for exclusive worldwide rights to the story, with a clause binding them to sell their next work to Fiction Pictures on the same terms cancelled and initialled with the note "Deleted before signature" in the margin and initialled, each page additionally initialled by both Conrad and Hueffer, counter-signed by three representatives from Fiction Pictures, 7 pages, folio, London, 5 March 1915, in a contemporary paper wrapper of Stern & Reubenstein, New York

Catalogue Note

The contract for the earliest planned film of one of Conrad's novels. Fiction Pictures Inc. was a short-lived production company that operated for a few months in 1915. They never produced a film of Romance and their option duly expired. Romance was later one of four works acquired by Lasky-Famous Players (the predecessor to Paramount) in 1919, and a silent film based on Conrad and Ford's novel was eventually produced in 1927.