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Joan Miró

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  • Joan Miró
  • Signes et figurations
  • Signed Miró (upper right); signed Joan Miró, titled and dated 21/12/35 (on the verso)
  • Watercolor and brush and ink on paper


Acquired circa 1960-66

Catalogue Note

Signes et figurations typifies Miró’s unique pictorial language. He uses traditional colors—blue, red, yellow and green—as background washes upon which he applies black lines to create prominent outlines and spontaneous forms. Miró’s work often experiments with scale and composition as he juxtaposes a group of objects with a solitary element and explores the relationship between solid forms and voids. Miró’s dreamlike compositions seem to transcend time and logic, conveying his internal musings. “His painting is poetry, colour and rhythm. Or rather it is the osmotic fusion and synergy of these elements. Carried along by the free flow of his imagination, Miró constructs a representation of the universe that conveys his own delight in it. With this innovatory style of painterly expression, he transforms ideas into works of art. In the process of giving form to his ideas, however, he rejects logical connections, coherent relationships and, more particularly, the empirical logic of the period. As a poet, he has the right to this rejection, to this escape from time” (Miró: In the Orbit of the Imaginary (exhibition catalogue), Basil & Elis Goulandris Foundation, Andros, 2002, p. 11).