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Hamisha Humshei Torah with Mahberet ha-Tijan (Hebrew Bible, Pentateuch, with Masorah and Masoretic and Grammatical Introduction) Scribe: Benayah ben Saadyah ben Zechariah, Yemen: 1469-70

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644 pages [322 leaves] (10 ¼ x 7 ¼ in.; 262 x 200 mm). Written in black ink on paper in a bold Yemenite square Hebrew script, with nikud; gatherings mostly of 10 leaves, with some of 8 and 12 leaves, 20 lines to a page;modern pagination in pencil; with Masoretic notes (Masorah Magna in three outer margins of each page with outer margin decoratively arranged in zig-zag patterns and sometimes in repeating triangles; Masorah Parva, between Masorah Magna and biblical text at outer margins only). Biblical text (pp. 78-642) preceded by: Two full-page micrographic carpet pages on pp.2-3 with biblical verses and masoretic rubrics in micrographic script arranged in multiple intersecting arcs within a circle, within a diamond diaper pattern; Mahberet ha-Tijan (Masoretic and Grammatical Introduction to the Bible) on pp. 4-76 (in 30 lines), written in a Yemenite square script; followed by masoretic apparatus and colophon (p. 643) and by the poem Emunah Yotzrah (p. 644). Most pages browned with age, expertly mounted and remargined and marginal tears repaired; a few crude paper repairs with infrequent loss of letters; corners worn and rounded, some dampstaining, mainly in the margins, though generally in reasonably sound state. Modern tooled crimson morocco, titles gilt on spine.