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Gold necklace, 1870s

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  • gold
In the Archaeological-revival style, designed as a woven band suspending a fringe of foliate and stylised cone shaped drops, the clasp applied with filigree work and frog motifs, length approximately 435mm, French import marks.


Cf: Geoffrey C. Munn, "Castellani and Giuliano, Revivalist Jewellers of the Ninetenth Century", Trefoil Books London, 1984, page 89, colour plate 92, for an illustration of a similar woven band necklace, from the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Cf: Elizabeth Simpson, "A Perfect Imitation of the Ancient Work" - Ancient Jewellery and Castellani Adaptations, New York, page 211, Fig. 8-15, for an illustration of a similar fringe necklace, from the British Museum.