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Gold bracelet, circa 1880

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  • gold
Composed of six Roman Aurei, each inset to a circular frame, connected by foxtail linking, length approximately 190mm. 
Roman Aurei (from left to right): Marcus Aurelius 162 AD, Faustina Sr (wife of Antonius Pius), Antonuis Pius 138 - 161 AD, Hadrian 117 - 138 AD, Trajan 98 - 117 AD and Nero 54 - 68 AD.


Cf: Sotheby's, 'Magnificent Jewels', 20th October 1999, New York, lot 155 for an illustration of a very similar bracelet by Castellani.
Cf: Geoffrey C. Munn, 'Castellani and Giuliano, Revivalist Jewellers of the Nineteenth century', London1984, page 132, for an illustration of a similar bracelet by Castellani composed of carved cameos.