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Taher Pour Heidari

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  • Taher Pour Heidari
  • Untitled
  • signed and dated 1392 A.H./2013 A.D.
  • oil on canvas


Property of the artist 

Catalogue Note

Pour Heidari’s interest lies in the soul of the spaces which he delicately depicts in his large life-like canvases. His works evokean ethereal atmosphere unique to his style, created by removing daily life from everyday spaces, making for poignant works of art. He often portrays abandoned, leftover interiors, steeped in a life once lived, houses lost in memories. In Untitled, Pour Heidari uses layers of paint to depict aging walls, floors and windows void of human character. Instead the viewer is invited to re-enact personal memories insidethe picture plane. Colours beautifully bleed into one another, contrasting with the crisp shadow created by the window pane. Offering a glimpse into a typical Persian courtyard, he presents a scene swollen with past events, the peeling layers of pigments each containing their own story. Pourheidari’s enchanting urban portraiture describes a locality replete with memories.