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Edward William Lane (d.1876), Arabic-English Lexicon, printers' manuscript copy, 40 volumes, second half 19th century, with 10 volumes of al-Saghani's 'Ubab, Egypt or Syria, Mamluk, dated 653 AH/1255 AD

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Arabic-English Lexicon within 40 volumes, printers' copy, each composed of Lane's notes in his own hand, some annotations in pencil and printer's notes, numbers gilt-stamped on spine with Arabic letters, the 10 volumes of the 'Ubab on burnished cream paper, written in black ink, vol.IX dated 653 AH/1255 AD, off-white leather binding with gilt-stamped spine and Mamluk-inspired medallions to boards, vol.I with original Mamluk binding medallions adhered to doublures and enclosing two letters from Lane to Algernon Percy, 4th Duke of Northumberland regarding the 'Ubab