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Pietro Bazzanti

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  • Pietro Bazzanti
  • Psyche waking the Sleeping Cupid
  • signed and inscribed: Art Gallery Peter Bazzanti / & Son / Prof Bargelli A Scultore / FLORENCE
  • white marble, on a white marble base and a veined red marble column

Catalogue Note

This supremely beautiful marble Psyche was executed for Pietro Bazzanti by an expert marble carver, Professor Bargelli. Bazzanti was a central figure in the production of Florentine sculpture during the 19th century. He ran a highly successful gallery, which had been opened by his father Niccolo in 1822 and still exists today. The gallery sold works under its own name, executed by prominent sculptors such as Cesare Lapini (1848-after 1893), Ferdinano Vichi (1875-1945) and, in the present case, Professor Bargelli, who excelled in carving exotic or historical figures with elaborate multi-textured costumes, as well as genre subjects, such as fisherboys, and allegorical figures in elegant poses. The present marble exhibits an exquisitely carved and polished surface, which is in very good condition.

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