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Arthur-Marie-Gabriel, Comte du Passage

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  • Arthur-Marie-Gabriel, Comte du Passage
  • Cheval à l'entraînement avec son lad (A trotting horse and groom)
  • signed: CTE du Passage
  • bronze, mid-brown patina

Catalogue Note

Arthur-Marie-Gabriel, Comte du Passage developed a fascination for horses at an early age and went on to make them the central theme of his oeuvre. He initially pursued a military career in accordance with his family's wishes, but took time out of his duties to study sculpture with two of the foremost animalier sculptors of his day, Antoine-Louis Barye and Pierre-Jules Mêne. Modelled in 1873, Cheval à l'entraînement avec son lad became one of Du Passage’s most enduring works, reflecting both his mastery of sculpture and his thorough understanding of his subjects.

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