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Five leaves from illuminated Books of Hours, in Latin and French, on vellum [northern France (Paris and Rouen), 1430-1510]

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  • Vellum
5 leaves: (a) text leaf for the opening of the Seven Penitential Psalms, 135mm. by 95mm., with full border enclosing an angel, a bird, a heraldic crested shield (with an angel holding a sword as the helm), a gold crown above the two linked letters ‘E L’ and the motto “Jamais autrefois”, large blue initial enclosing foliage on a burnished gold ground, three-quarter gold and pink text frame, 17 lines of text, slightly rubbed in places, but overall good, northern France (Paris), c.1430-50; (b) leaf with a three-quarter page miniature of St. Margaret emerging from the side of a large green dragon in a gothic interior before an embroidered gold cloth, 172mm. by 120mm., within a full decorated border enclosing a peacock on the right and two partridges in the lower margin, 20 lines from the Vie de sainte Marguerite, the border panel on back re-gilt, northern France (Paris), c.1480-1500; (c) leaf with a three-quarter page miniature of the Pentecost (for the Hours of the Holy Spirit), 176mm. by 126mm., with a full border of woody branches sprouting brightly coloured  tongue-like acanthus leaves, 24 lines, slight discolouration, northern France (probably Rouen), c.1470-80; (d) 2 leaves from the Calendar of a Book of Hours (February and June), each 186mm. by 136mm., with four small miniatures showing the occupations of the months and zodiac signs with full borders of foliage and architectural designs (two enclosing human heads), 17 lines, slightly smudged in places, northern France (Paris), c.1490-1510

Catalogue Note

The fine and detailed border scenes on the leaves in item (d) of a man warming himself by the fire and Pisces (two silver fish), and harvesting crops and Cancer (a bright red lobster), are by the prolific Parisian artist, the Master of the Chronique scandaleuse (fl.1490-1510).  See also lots 22 and 57.