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The Gospel of Mark, in Greek, fragment of a manuscript on vellum [eastern Roman Empire, fifth century]

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a long thin fragment, 100mm. by 20mm., from the upper edge of a leaf from a codex with remains of 2 lines of text on front and back in light brown ink in a professional Greek uncial, also known as biblical majuscule, close to that of the Cotton Genesis (second half of fifth century) and perhaps also that of the Codex Alexandrinus (first half of the fifth century), parts of 13 words from Mark 4:9 “'ο εχων ωτα ακουει[ν] ακουετω' ” (whoever has ears to hear, let them listen, with the variant second word “εχων”, a reading shared with the Codex Alexandrinus and Codex Ephraemi) and 4:15 'την οδον. οπου ςπειρε[ται] ο λογος: και οτ[α]ν [ακου...]' (these are the ones on the path where the word is sown; whenever they hear …), thus from a single-column codex with about 22 lines missing between the lines here and with an original written space of approximately 160mm. by 130mm. (notably similar to other early Gospel books, such as a fourth-century leaf of John now New York, Metropolitan Museum, P.Oxy.847, with 19 lines within 162mm. by 146mm.; and a fourth- or fifth-century leaf of Luke in Vienna, ÖNB., Pap.G39778, with 26 lines within 153mm. by 136mm.), vellum brittle at upper edge and with small nicks and discolouration there, with only small damage to a few characters on back, text slightly faded in places, most probably recovered from a bookbinding, but overall in excellent condition