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Collection of leaves from Italian decorated or illuminated manuscripts, in Latin, on vellum [thirteenth to fourteenth century]

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  • Vellum
four leaves and a cutting: (a) bifolium from a Lectionary, each leaf 275mm. by 185mm., with an initial ‘M’ in blue-grey bands heightened with touches of dull gold at the midpoint and foot, on blue ground, enclosing a portrait of a bearded Christ with a gold rimmed halo, holding a red book, other initials in red or blue with contrasting penwork, double column, 25 lines, probably Tuscany or Umbria, early fourteenth century; (b) leaf from a glossed copy of Gregory IX's Decretals, 402mm. by 285mm., with an initial ‘P’ (opening “Prudentes et infra. Hanc sibi ...” the opening of Book III:1, ‘de donationibus’) in fleshy acanthus leaves on gold and blue grounds, enclosing a portrait of a young man in red robes with a green cloak, close in style to those in Durham Cathedral, Chapter Library, MS C.I.9 (Gibbs and L'Engle, Illuminating the Law, 2001, pl.13d, and identified there as the Decretals Master), three similar uninhabited initials, and numerous smaller initials in blue or red with elaborate scrolling penwork touched in contrasting colours, 44 lines main text, Bologna, late thirteenth century; (c) leaf from a choirbook, 470mm. by 320mm., with a large initial ‘G’ in white and brown foliage with fleshy acanthus leaves on brilliant blue grounds heightened in white penwork, all within an orange frame, 6 lines of text with music on a 4-line red stave, small red initial and 6 similar lines of text on verso, northern Italy, late thirteenth century; (d) cutting from another choirbook, 150mm. by 120mm., with a large initial ‘P’ in blue enclosing a spray of white, blue and orange foliage, the descender terminating in an angular swirl of similar foliage, remains of a single line of text with music on a 4-line red stave, northern Italy (perhaps Bologna), fourteenth century; items (a) and (b) recovered from bindings and hence somewhat defective, fold across item (c) without affect to initial, some small folds with damage to border of (d), overall good condition