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An Exceptional Gold, Emerald and Diamond “Trembleur” Suite, Alexandre Reza

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  • gold, emerald, diamond
The exceptional and expertly executed "trembleur" emerald suite, the necklace features 3 emerald-cut emeralds of 8.24 carats, 30 D color, Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamonds of 36.25 carats, and 135 additional round brilliant, pear-shaped and navette-shaped diamonds weighing 21.66 carats.  Bracelet is composed of an emerald-cut emerald of 3.12 carats, along with 10 predominantly D color, Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamonds of 11.22 carats, and completed by 95 pear-shaped diamonds weighing 23.62 carats.  The earrings feature 4 emerald-cut emeralds weighing a total of 6.37 carats surrounded by 20 predominantly D color, Internally Flawless pear-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 16.19 carats, further accented by 42 round brilliant, pear-shaped and navette-shaped diamonds weighing approximately 6.48 carats, 1979.