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Bobo Molo Mask, Burkina Faso

8,000 - 12,000 USD
20,000 USD
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  • wood, paint


Raymond Wielgus, Tucson
Merton D. Simpson, New York
Allan Stone, New York

Catalogue Note

Molo is one of the most important and sacred masks exclusively used by Bobo blacksmiths in the cults centered around the powerful spirit Dwo. According to Roy (1987: 328), the "sacred masks are representative, rather than representational masks, and do not represent any living, tangible being, human or animal. As a result these masks are abstract and stylized. A mask with human features may have added to it forward-curving antelope horns and a great bird's beak because it represents a character of Dwo that does not take human or animal form. Similarly, animal shapes do not mean the mask represents an animal, but recall the spirit of an animal which saved the founding ancestor of a clan. Allegorical and nonrepresentational, the masks incarnate the spirit of Dwo, the son of Wuro."