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Antonio Colombo

15,000 - 20,000 USD
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  • Antonio Colombo
  • A Prototype "Laser Nostra" Bicycle
  • Columbus Niobium steel and carbon fork
Signed by Cinelli President and bicycle designer Antonio Colombo for the (RED) Auction 2013.

Catalogue Note

Donated by Gruppo S.p.A.

Like Kelly Slater's surfboard (LOT 39), this stunning, limited-edition bicycle was ridden to victory in a major competition: in 2011, American rider Neil Bezdek won the Red Hook Criterium in Milan, the most famous fixed-gear competition in the world, riding this Laser Nostra prototype. The design of Cinelli's Laser was ground-breaking at the time of its release in 1980. Made to address a singular problem (making its rider the fastest on the track), it reflects the intense collaboration between designer Antonio Colombo and a team that included a frame builder, engineer, physiologists, coaches, and numerous champion riders. This prototype, with its famous Columbus Niobium steel tube and featuring a unique carbon fork, was created in 2011 for a special anniversary edition of 21 Laser bicycles released in 2012. This bicycle has been customised with old and new Columbus stickers.