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A Stormtrooper Helmet from the "Star Wars" Series

10,000 - 15,000 USD
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  • A Stormtrooper Helmet from the "Star Wars" Series
  • ABS. In original cardboard "Star Wars" Stormtrooper box
Signed by George Lucas for the (RED) Auction 2013.

Catalogue Note

Donated by George Lucas.

"Star Wars" defined a new vision of the future, epitomised by the shiny white surfaces of the Imperial Stormtroopers' body armour. Objects of popular culture like this often have a potent influence on young creators, and both Jony and Marc recall the impact that the world conjured in "Star Wars" had on them as kids. Even now, they recognise the Stormtrooper armour as extraordinary examples of costume design - but what a distinctly industrial pedigree.