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Gulam Rasool Santosh (1929 - 1997)

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  • Gulam Rasool Santosh
  • Untitled
  • Signed in Devanagari and further dated and signed '87/ SANTOSH' on reverse
  • Acrylic on canvas
  • 29 1/2 by 23 3/4 in. (74.9 by 60.2 cm)
  • Painted in 1987


Acquired from the artist's family

Catalogue Note

In the artist own words: “Tantra helped me in visually actualizing our ancient thought process. The maithuna image constitutes two bodies, prakiti and purish, in union. To stylize the purush-prakriti union in its pure form, I pared off the head and limbs of the image. My images attained a sort of symmetry, ultimately. I had to hold back the natural progression of bilateral symmetry till the time an inner desire would well up…I understood colour as light, and that a pigment is the illusion of its colour. Thus, illusion gives the pigment surface its transparency. This means that the light-illusion defines and marks our space-illusion. There is the case of the framing margin in my work. This defines the canvas within cosmic space. I made this visual definition of an enclosure through colours.” ( G.R. Santosh, et al, Awakening: A Retrospective of G.R. Santosh, New Delhi, 2011, pp. 40- 42)