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Carlos Cruz-Diez (b. 1923)

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  • Carlos Cruz-Diez
  • Physichromie UBS Rouge
  • signed, titled and dated Paris 1975 on the reverse
  • acrylic paint on aluminum and coated Plexiglas elements on aluminum backing and frame (6 panels)

Catalogue Note

One of the most important exponents of the Kinetic Art movement, Carlos Cruz-Diez was born in Caracas, Venezuela in 1923. He first moved to Europe in October 1960 where he became involved with other artists of the Kinetic movement such as Jesús Rafael Soto, Daniel Buren and Francois Morellet. An early pioneer in the use of light environments and geometric abstraction, Carlos Cruz-Diez focused his oeuvre on the visual effects created by the physical interaction between colors.

In 1978, Cruz-Diez was asked to participate in a competition to design the interior of the new UBS building on Flurstrasse, in Zürich. After winning the commission over Alexander Calder and Valerio Adami, he worked closely with the architects, F.A.+ R.Widmer Arch/SIA, Zürich to create what  became one of the most ambitious art integration projects ever made by the artist. The building on Flurstrasse was recently sold to another entity. The UBS Art Collection has worked with the artist and the Fundación Taller Cruz-Diez in Paris to organize the removal and restoration of the artworks in the building. Of the works commissioned, there are four monumental wall works, of which Physichromie UBS Rouge is one. Physichromie UBS Rouge is an environment unto itself. As the viewer walks in front of the over five meters of the composition, they visually come into contact with almost the entire color spectrum but always remain aware of the dominant color of red which permeates the composition. Executed on six panels, Physichromie UBS Rouge is one of the largest movable works ever executed by the artist.