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Churchill, Sir Winston

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  • Churchill, Sir Winston
  • A collection of first editions, uniformly bound in 50 volumes, comprising:
  • ink on paper
The Story of the Malakand Field Force. 1898, 32pp. adverts at end dated 12/97, errata leaf loosely inserted; The River War. 1899, 2 volumes, slight dampstain in margin at beginning of vol.2; Savrola. 1900, slight dampstain at inner margin of title; London to Ladysmith via Pretoria. 1900, 34pp. adverts at end (2+32), occasional slight spotting; Ian Hamilton's March. 1900, 36pp. adverts at end (4+32);  Lord Randolph Churchill. 1906, 2 volumes, some spotting; My African Journey. 1908, 18pp. adverts at end; Liberalism and the Social Problem. 1909; The World Crisis. 1923-1931, 6 volumes, errata slips at p.1 and p.339 vol.1, p.52 vol.3 pt.1, half-title vol.3 pt.2, p.9 vol.4; My Early Life. 1930, spotted at beginning and end; Thoughts and Adventures. 1932; Marlborough, his Life and Times. 1933-1938, 4 volumes; Great Contemporaries. 1937; Arms and the Covenant. 1938; Step by Step. 1939; Into Battle. 1941; The Unrelenting Struggle. 1942; The End of the Beginning. 1943; Onwards to Victory. 1944; The Dawn of Liberation. 1945; Victory. 1946; Secret Session Speeches. 1946; The Second World War. 1948-1954, 6 volumes, vol.1 lacks half-title, first few leaves vol.1 spotted; The Sinews of Peace, Post-War Speeches. 1948; Painting as a Pastime. 1948; Europe Unite. 1950; In the Balance. 1951; Stemming the Tide. 1953; A History of the English-Speaking Peoples. 1956-1958, 4 volumes; The Unwritten Alliance. 1961; Maxims and Reflections. 1947, [Woods D(a)15]--Woods, F. A Bibliography of the Works of Sir Winston Churchill. 1963

together 32 titles bound in 50 volumes, 8vo, first editions or first English editions (various states), half-titles, most with frontispieces and/or plates and maps, modern morocco gilt by Bailey Bros. Ltd., gilt edges, lacking one half-title, occasional spotting or slight stains, as noted above


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Catalogue Note

The Story of the Malakand Field Force is inscribed in a clerk's hand "To the officers of The Buffs. With the Author's Compliments" and has an errata leaf loosely inserted. Most of the errata have been altered in ink in the text, and a few other notes have been added (at p.78, 183, 201 and 235).