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The rates of the custome house

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  • The rates of the custome house bothe inwarde and outwarde the dyfference of measures and weyghts and other commodities very necessarye for all marchantes to knowe newly corrected and imprynted. London: [N. Hill? for] Richard Kele, 1545
  • Paper
8vo (135 x 85mm.), a-d8, Black Letter, one woodcut initial, nineteenth-century straight-grained dark red morocco with panels tooled in blind and with gilt fillets


STC 7687; not in Kress or Goldsmiths'

Catalogue Note

First edition, rare. ESTC records only two copies, in the Bodleian and Huntington libraries. STC also records editions from between 1550 and 1635. The items included range from almonds to antimony, fox skins to French carpets, hops to herrings, leather to lampreys, pepper to printed primers, worsted to whetstones.