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Nelson and the Napoleonic Wars

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  • Four letters, comprising:
  • ink on paper
i) Elizabeth and James Williams, autograph letter signed to her brother James Whiting on HMS Vindictive at the Cape of Good Hope, with news of his wife ("...she has had a Child by another man ... she reported you Dead & more so that you was flogged to Death...") and the death of his mother, 2 pages, 4to, integral address leaf, London, 14 December 1797
ii) Patrick Campbell, autograph letter signed, to Lt. Whitter on HMS Stately at the Cape of Good Hope, with military and naval news and the threat of invasion by "Bonaparte with his amazing rafts and flat bottom'd boats", four pages, 4to, Sheerness, 23 March 1798, with autograph address leaf
iii) Nelson, contemporary copy of his ultimatum to the city of Leghorn, ordering instant admission to Neapolitan troops, with copy signatures of Nelson and Diego Naselli, Italian and English, 1 page, 4to, 28 November 1798
iv) Jeffry Wyatt, autograph letter signed, on plans for a monument to Nelson ("...the monument should be in a building forming part of it, because the human figure is not an object of grandieur [sic]..."), 6 pages, 4to, London, 14 April 1806