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Hadieh Shafie

12,000 - 18,000 USD
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  • Hadieh Shafie
  • 10765 Pages
  • signed and dated 2013 on the reverse
  • ink, acrylic and paper with printed and hand-written Farsi text


Pentimenti Gallery, Philadelphia

Catalogue Note

"My work is constructed from thousands of strips of paper. When placed together within a bounding structure, they create a textured surface of line, form and colour and an abstraction that is at once expressive and hard edged. Deeply engaged in the investigation of colour, line and material, my work connects with the Abstract Expressionists and the artists of the Color Field era. At first approach, I want the viewer to be captured by the overall presence of the work and to be moved by the play of colour and texture across the surface of each piece. 

The Ketab series is entirely constructed with individual strips of paper which are hand painted and rolled into circular forms creating rings of colour that whirl across the surface. Fluid in their movement, an abstract language emerges that is repetitive and rhythmic. I am drawn to the relationship between the parts and the whole, to the interplay of materials, of surface and depth, and the possibilities of tension and movement.

The present work comprises of rolls of paper filled with the word Eshgh, which means love in Farsi."

Artist's statement