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Jagger, Mick

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Three autograph letters and one autograph poem, all signed ("Mick" and "Micky");  10 pages, 8vo to 4to, headed stationery from The Gotham, New York, Gleneagles Hotel, Auchterarder, Perthshire, London Hilton, London, and Hotelli Turku, Helsinki. [May - August 1965] with one envelope post marked 18 June 1965, to Tish Ladden. All in fine condition with horizontal fold lines.

Catalogue Note

Letters signed with kisses, from Micky. These letters from the infamous rocker Mick Jagger to an American girlfriend show the jaunty star at his best. Their affair began on May 2, 1965 when the Rolling Stones appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show in New York to support their album, The Rolling Stones, Now! After their introduction at the studio, Jagger wooed Tish Ladden by asking her out to the Playboy Club that evening. The first of these letters was then left for her on the nightstand of his room at the Gotham Hotel the next morning, inviting her to order room service and wait for him to return. The pair kept in touch for the next two months while the Rolling Stones were on tour in Europe.

From Scotland, a gushing love letter: "I think about you so very much- bole hunches [sic], in fact. I am very much in love with you darling. You mean more every day. I believe you love me now, but I don't know why you do. You are the kindest most thoughtful person I have ever met," and even acknowledges his lack of restraint, "I apologise for being like a Dean Martin record but thats the way I feel today." He follows up his letter with a lengthy and endearing 33 line poem that begins, "Miss Tish you is a dish / I love so much you just you / All in love with you I am / So much, too much, I miss / Miss Tish ...."

From a tour stop in Finland, he enthuses about the natives' superior genes: "The Rolling Stones have resumed their insane obsession with Scandinavian girls. I do not exaggerate. It's a complete obsession. They - apart from you my love XXX I love - are the most beautiful as a race in the world," and then about a humorous encounter with another American: "I said - as a joke of course - 'Lyndon Johnson is a gangster.' She said 'No he's not - he's our president!' Quote of the week." The shaky hand and rambling tone of the letter suggest Jagger is writing after a night of drinking. His signoff confirms as much: "P.S. Too much vodka."

From London, a more repentant note about another love interest, presumably Chrissie Shrimpton given the timeframe: "I love you, so very dearly, my happiness is not perfect, but I hope it will be someday. I am not happy here, I was hard and very strong - I will never understand women."

Sentimental letters from the beginning of Mick Jagger's career.