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Bosco Sodi

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  • Bosco Sodi
  • 5 volcanic rocks with ceramic glaze

Catalogue Note

Bosco Sodi, born in Mexico City, lives and works on both sides of the Atlantic, from his homeland of Mexico, to America, Germany and Spain. Trained as a painter, he has built an international reputation through his bold use of texture and colour in large-scale paintings. Taking a candid approach to materials, Sodi’s pictures exult in the earthy textures of pure pigments and happenstance occurrences during the drying processes of the media. The vast scale of his works creates an absorbing spectacle within which the crevices and cracks induce contemplative thoughts on the importance of materiality and our responsiveness to the environment. Most recently the artist has been producing sculptures using geological materials. The present work was created by collecting large fragments of volcanic rock and transporting them to his studio to be washed and then painted in magmatic red glazes. These sculptures explore the innate qualities of the rock. The forms themselves were shaped by natural processes, being subject to changes in humidity and temperature. Sodi’s choice of material and colour enforce, rather than conceal, the organic origins of the sculptures. In 2013 the Museo Dolores Olmedo, in the Xochimilco district of Mexico City, held an exhibition of Sodi’s volcanic sculptures in its grounds.