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Abu ‘Abdullah Malik Ibn Anas Ibn Abi ‘Amer al-Asbahi (d.795 AD), third book (sifr) of al-Muwatta’, (treatise on Islamic jurisprudence), North Africa, 12th/13th century

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  • vellum and leather binding with ink
  • 20.4 by 18.5cm.
Arabic manuscript on vellum, 101 leaves plus 2 flyleaves, 10 lines to the page, written in large elegant Maghribi script, the word 'Allah' and other keywords and phrases picked out in gold and blue, opening illuminated headpiece with heading in gold Kufic script enclosed within broad strapwork borders, with a medallion of interlacing split-palmettes extending into the margin, later red morocco binding with stamped central medallions, with flap

Catalogue Note

There are two copies of this work dated 277 AH/890 AD and 606 AH/1209 AD in the Chester Beatty Library, Dublin (see A.J. Arberry, A Handlist of the Arabic Manuscripts, Dublin, vols.I & VII, 1955 & 1964, p.2, no.3001 and p.150, no.5498 (3) respectively). See also Brockelmann, i, 175, Suppl. i, 297.