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An Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment, Amarna, 18th Dynasty, later in the reign of Akhenaten, circa 1345-1336 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Limestone Relief Fragment
  • Limestone
the talatat carved in sunk relief with part of a large scene showing foreigners and townspeople outside the Window of Appearances in front of the royal palace, on the left two officials probably offering lettuces to the crowd, a ramp and slender columns behind them, the hand of a third official following behind them visible in the lower left corner, on the right two figures facing the palace in attitudes of reverence, one kneeling with arms raised and wearing a tunic and unusual head covering, the other kneeling on one knee and kissing the ground, only the outline of the back of this latter figure visible.


Estate of Mr. and Mrs. Vilain, Brussels, acquired in the 1970s

Catalogue Note

The arrangement of the two figures at right can be found among the great throng of people appearing in the “great durbar” scene from the Tomb of Mery Re II at Amarna. Here Mery Re II appears on a ramp leading to the Window of Appearances, where Akhenaten and Nefertiti are enthroned, their six daughters standing behind them.