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An Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Situla, 18th/19th Dynasty, 1540-1190 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Lapis Lazuli Situla
  • Lapis lazuli
  • Height 2 in. 5.1 cm.
of tapering form with slightly convex base, offset cylindrical neck, and contoured mouth with twin vertical suspension rings.


acquired by the current owner from Jabbar in Gaza in 1980

Catalogue Note

For an alabaster situla very close in form cf. S. D’Auria, P. Lacovara, and C.H. Roehrig, Mummies & Magic. The Funerary Arts of Ancient Egypt, Boston, 1988, no. 78. An amethystine quartz situla, related in form and dated to circa 610 B.C., was found in the tomb of Queen Tabiry at El-Kurru in Nubia; see N. Thomas, The American Discovery of Ancient Egypt, Los Angeles, 1995, p. 197, no. 97 (Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, inv. no. 21.306).