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An Egyptian Gold and Steatite Scarab Swivel Ring, Early 18th Dynasty, 1540-1400 B.C.

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  • An Egyptian Gold and Steatite Scarab Swivel Ring
  • Steatite in gold mount
  • Width 15/16 in. 23.8 cm.
with solid gold hoop, the spiral wire wound around the shoulders and through the convex terminals and turquoise-glazed scarab, the scarab carved underneath with a decorative device composed of stylized lotus and papyri.


acquired by an ancestor of the present owner, probably during travels abroad in the late 19th Century

Catalogue Note

Cf. B. Fay, Ancient Egyptian Jewelry, Berlin, 1990, p. 10. For scarabs with related devices underneath see F.S. Matouk, Corpus du scarabée égyptien, vol. 2, Beirut, 1977, p. 406, and P.E. Newberry, Scarabs, London, 1908, pl. XX.