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Two Egyptian Limestone Canopic Jars, 26th/30th Dynasty, 664-342 B.C.

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  • Two Egyptian Limestone Canopic Jars
  • Limestone
  • Heights 14 1/4 and 14 1/2 in. 36.2 and 36.8 cm.
one with lid in the form of falcon-headed Qebusenef, protector of the intestines, the other jackal-headed Duamutef, protector of the stomach, the details finely carved, the name of each deity carved in sunk relief on its respective jar.


acquired from an antique shop on Cecil Court in London in December of 1962

Catalogue Note

Canopic jars were made to protect the viscera of the deceased in sets of four, each with a stopper representing one of the four sons of Horus. The baboon-headed Hapi protected the lungs, the jackal-headed Duamutef the stomach, the human-headed Imsety the liver, and the falcon-headed Qebusenef the intestines. Each jar was also associated with a cardinal compass direction and one of the four "protective" goddesses.