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A Decorated Ketubbah, Senigallia, 1851

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  • parchment
ink and gouache on parchment.
height 28 in.; width 19 in.
71 cm; 48 cm

Recording the marriage of Jacob, son of Abraham Jeshurun from the city of Trieste and Vittoria, daughter of David son of the late Israel Samuel Hayyim Almaya, on Friday 10  Av, 5611 [= August 8, 1851].

Ketubbot from the small coastal town of Senigallia closely resemble those from Ancona, a nearby city that was one of the most prolific centers of ketubbah decoration in Italy. This contract displays one of Ancona's most elegant designs, featuring an exquisite border of flowers inhabited by colorful, realistically rendered birds. The tri-colored flags that appear at the top of the page are an unusual addition to this decorative program.  While the identity of this flag, whose colors are repeated in the medallion above and the tasseled bow below, has yet to be uncovered, such nationalistic emblems are usually intended to express the couple's patriotism or connection with a particular government.  


To Have and To Hold: Decorated Marriage Contracts, 17th–19th Centuries. The Herbert and Eileen Bernard Museum, Congregation Emanu-El, New York, 2001