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Ay Tjoe Christine

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  • Ay Tjoe Christine
  • Layers With More Circles
  • Signed and dated 11; Signed, titled and dated 2011 on the reverse
  • Oil on canvas

Catalogue Note

What distinguishes Ay Tjoe Christine from other contemporary
Indonesian artists is her endless study and profound exploration of lines
and structure in her work. Her powerful body of lines, forms, space and
color palette are emotionally gripping and has ultimately made her one of
the most prominent female contemporary Indonesian artists.

In Christine’s paintings, the color planes and lines are merged effortlessly
together. This technique is derived from graphic art, which the artist
had learned during her years as a student. Notable graphic artist, Horst
Janssen shaped Ay Tjoe Christine’s artistic vision and established her
foundations as an artist. Themes depicted in Janssen’s oeuvre are drawn
from emotional states and conflicts that he had experienced throughout
his life. An ‘intent observation of reality’, his works are a reflection of his
interpretation and the world around him (Fig. 1).

The raw emotions and expressive nature with her paintings are
fundamental to Christine’s artistic identity. It is a driving force of her
curiosity and creative visualization. Through the repetition of lines,
the works form rhythm and simulate a consciousness of the mind, "...
[inviting] the audience to construct form and explore images by searching
symbols or signs, which perhaps contain certain meaning for her…
[looking] at the titles, colors, atmosphere, her works seem to contain a
mystery, a hidden meaning that she wants to articulate”1. Immediately we
are compelled by the work’s secrets and embark on the artist’s journey to
discover a complex masterpiece.

Layers With More Circles (Lot 39) is a continuation of the artist’s previous
work, Layers For The Circles (Fig. 2). A similar series of work and as the title
suggests, Layers With More Circles presents a multitude of layers and
overlapping circles one on top of the other. Using colors to provoke her
emotions, Ay Tjoe Christine has approached this piece with confidence,
and passion whilst conveying a sense of vulnerability within the work.
In contrast with her other paintings, the present work reflects a
more complex color scheme, notably the application of black paint to
disrupt the overall red tones. Emerging to the surface of the canvas,
the black pigment dramatically, yet elegantly reveals its presence.
Slightly overpowering the interior, it attains the vibration of the opulent
colors – causing the outlines of the circles to stand out even more. The
composition is bursting petals of varying tones of red – forming the
structure with assertive gestures and positive energy.

Overlapping layers upon layers of paint to emphasizes the
progression of her paintings, “Layers are like a container to keep all things
that can be asserted to the unknown future. I place a flexible ‘rule’ in the
shape of a circle, because the principles in which life is build upon will
continuously grow and can be created personally, and I deem that to be an
important activity…”2 the artist said.

Christine’s works are tremendously personal. They express an intimate
language and a spiritual form of art that comes through abstraction.
Layers With More Circles is a powerful journey of the soul. A canvas used
as a diary, she indirectly interprets her observation of herself and the
world around her. “As far as I know what I do and create, including my
works, will shape my identity in the future”3, she said.

1 Edwin Rahardjo, Aku Kau Uak Solo Exhibition, 2003

2Artistic Process of Composition: Ay Tjoe Christine Interview with Taba Sanchabakhtiar, 2010

 3 Refer to 2